Private guide in Havana and Cuba, individual tours of Havana and the entire country of Cuba.



Alejandro had wonderful tours of Havana! Memorable, bright, original! I do not think that we liked the group excursions as well. We highly recommend Alejandro. Contacting him is very simple and you can trust - he will be on time in the right place, which is rare even for a guide from an agency.

- Elena

2 things are important to me: freedom in choosing a program and the ability to see what is not in the guidebooks. All this could come true only with an individual guide. Our friends recommended Alejandro to us, and we did not regret our choice for a minute. By the way, Alejandro already knows where great photos come from 🙂

— Ekaterina

From Varadero I called Alejandro, made an appointment, rented a car and got to Havana. In one day, we visited almost all the sights of Havana. I can not imagine how this is possible without a car and an individual guide. Alejandro knows everything and everyone in Havana, and everyone knows him too 🙂 I highly recommend it!

– Ruslan

Contact me

How can we arrange a tour? It’s very simple!

1. You fill out a form in advance or write to me via email.

2. We agree on the day and place of the meeting in Havana.

1. While already on vacation in Cuba, you can call me at +535 290 50 19 (and WhatsApp) or +537 883 36 60.

2. We make arrangements and meet at a prearranged location!

I’ll be waiting for you! * It’s better to arrange in advance since I conduct a lot of tours, and usually everything is planned weeks ahead.



Mobile: +535 290 50 19 (и WhatsApp); +537 883 36 60