Private guide in Havana and Cuba, individual tours of Havana and the entire country of Cuba.





Let’s travel with me!

My name is Alejandro Rodriguez Munoz, a native of Havana, born on August 5, 1965. Graduated with honors from a higher flight school, flew 2,000 hours throughout Angola and Cuba. Married, have two children.

I speak several languages: English and Italian, Russian and have been working in tourism for over 15 years.
I know Cuba better than anyone, but my “specialty” is my hometown of Havana. My wife and I conduct individual tours of Havana. Write to us, and we will organize excellent tours just for you!


Contact me

How can we arrange a tour? It’s very simple!

1. You fill out a form in advance or write to me via email.

2. We agree on the day and place of the meeting in Havana.

1. While already on vacation in Cuba, you can call me at +535 290 50 19 (and WhatsApp) or +537 883 36 60.

2. We make arrangements and meet at a prearranged location!

I’ll be waiting for you! * It’s better to arrange in advance since I conduct a lot of tours, and usually everything is planned weeks ahead.



Mobile: +535 290 50 19 (и WhatsApp); +537 883 36 60


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